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The Value of Virtual Presence

Anybots’ Virtual Presence System enables an endless array of flexible use models and solutions for businesses. Uses for the QB avatar experience is only limited by your imagination!

Anybots has identified four models of use categories:

Use Case SamplesA common use case for QB avatars is one avatar dedicated to one user. Many times, this is use case is employed for remote workers, as well as business managers who travel frequently and need a presence at the main office. Personal users may use the QB avatar to keep an eye on the kids while they are at work.

Visit many sites in the same day by stationing QB avatars in each of them. Be virtually present in Tokyo and then London and then Moscow in a matter of seconds!

One QB avatar can be utilized by any number of users at different times. Provide support for commercial or industrial equipment, or, enable remote tours of your facility by allowing users with a variety of skills or interest to operate your QB. Personal users may place a QB avatar at an elder’s home so multiple family members can visit any time.

The Anybots Virtual Presence System enables multiple persons to monitor and use multiple QB avatars. Enhance productivity of your front office receptionist or retail sales operations by pooling labor and deploying it globally!

Customer Stories

Evernote, Inc.
Use Case: Executive Oversight
Category: One-to-One

“After a few months of beta testing for Anybots, I’m completely in love with it. At first I thought the bot would pay for itself if it could just replace one international trip, but now I realize that the real value is letting me preserve spontaneous interactions at the office even when I’m thousands of miles away. There’s no need to schedule formal meetings or herd everyone around a speaker phone. It’s easy to use and it keeps me connected.”

Phil Libin
Founder & CEO


E Systems Technology
Use Case: Customer Visibility
Category: Many-to-One

E Systems Technology uses QB avatars to allow their clients to check in to E Systems’ manufacturing lines. “The ability for our customers to “tour” their own factory cell as their products are being produced provides them with the reassurance that their products are being manufactured to schedule and to their specific requirements. QB also allows them to attend our weekly customer product life cycle meetings if they are unable to attend in-person. This greatly improves communication and productivity.”

Robert de Neve
Founder & CEO
E Systems Technology


Michael Phillips
Use Case: Quality of Life
Category: One-to-One

So, I’m about as physically disabled as it gets. I breathe through hoses connected to machines, I eat through tubes. I can pretty much only move my eyes. Still, assistive technology such as NeuroSwitch gives access to Mac OS X, and from there, access to everything else. Access to Anybots.

I’ve been driving an Anybot for awhile, having played video games for 20+ years, getting the hang of the robot was easy. I tool around the factory, scare the dog who often visits, it’s fun. Still, technology for people with physical disabilities is more than fun, it’s a way to extend communication, a way to affect change in the world around us. Anybots are so exciting because we’re still unlocking their full potential, their practical applications.

Right now, I’m using the Anybot to chat with people around the factory, to give tours to visitors, but the possibilities for richer communication across great distances, the possibilities for genuine employability for people with disabilities, being able to have a new form of presence in the work-force, these possibilities are truly exciting. Soon, I really think because of Anybots, these possibilities will be bonafide reality.

Michael Phillips


Faith Brady
Use Case: Remote Worker
Category: One-to-One

Never would I have thought while working from my home office in the Midwest that I would be managing the lobby of one of the most successful businesses in Mountain View California. The Anybots® QB has given me the opportunity to bring 20 years of administrative and management experience to the table on a solely virtual level. One may say, “Well that is a robot not a person”, but the fact remains it is the direct opposite. It is a person transporting themselves via virtual presence through the robot. This form of virtual presence enables companies to cut down on travel expenses immensely. When staff members need to be present for a meeting, and they are on the other side of the world, with the click of button they can virtually attend the meeting on a QB level. What better way for businesses to cut costs WITHOUT cutting jobs. Business owners large and small may now monitor their business remotely any time of the day or night, give potential clients the opportunity to tour their facilities and create the facet of many new job opportunities for employees worldwide where without the Anybots® QB this may not be possible. This in fact opens up the door for many new jobs for those in this day and age who either desire to work remotely, or who in fact have no choice. With the cost of an Anybot® QB being that of one overseas trip, companies may now utilize their workforce in a more productive manner. The ease of use is incredible and what better way to always stay connected.

Faith Brady

Independent Contractor (I am an Elancer!)


I-Tech X-perience
Use Case: Customer Service, Operations
Category: Many-to-Many

“We are excited to work with Anybots. We plan to use the robot in our I-Tech airport stores to attract customers, assist in inventory control, and provide on-going training for our employees. Additionally, we will offer QB for sale. Our typical customer consists of business owners, medical professionals, and upper management who are a great target market for this product.“

Wynn Schiess
I-Tech Xperience


Case Study: Grady
Use Case: Quality of Life
Category: One-to-One

Dear Anybots Team,

Thank you so much for making such a big difference in my life. I was in the hospital for a bone marrow transplant for 44 days in isolation. Your robot made it so much more fun. Your team made it possible for me to visit with my brothers every night. I used the robot to attend my brother’s birthday party. My brother and I sleep in the same room and my brother does not like to sleep in a room by himself. When I was in the hospital, I would take the robot into the room and talk to my brother while he fell asleep. Once, he fell asleep, I would put the robot back on the charger. At school they called the robot a “Gradybot”. It was fun to go to school and see all my friends at recess. Being in the hospital is really difficult. It was especially hard to be away from my family and my house for such a long time. I really liked to see my family at the house. It made it easier for me to be with my family on the robot. This is the greatest robot ever. Thank you so much.

Grady, age 9, Day 103, post bone marrow transplant

Business Innovation

In addition to enhancing workforce productivity, innovators can build and sell a new class of service with Anybots OEM Licensed products and commercial systems.

Anybots Virtual Presence System includes a commercial backbone that business innovators can leverage. Utilize our Fractional Labor and Content Production models to quickly create a new business based on Virtual Presence. The system includes avatar and user account management, a variety of billing models, technical customer support, and OEM Licensed avatar platforms. Your business ideas can be realized in collaboration with Anybots!

Contact Anybots for details or email us at [email protected].

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