About the Drive

Virtual presence is a new way to communicate. With virtual presence, you are able to move through a space somewhere else on the globe as if you were there, walking from room to room. You can see and be seen, hear and be heard, and go where you choose.

The mobility of Virtual Presence confers a sense of presence that is much stronger than just video conferencing. In fact, trying to describe it in words cannot convey the sensation of the experience.

Test Drive QB by Anybots Inc.

How it Works

Virtual Presence utilizes the Internet to transmit audio and video between the avatar and the driver. The driver control commands are sent with the video and audio stream. With a good connection, the latency of the video is short enough that the driver can react with steering controls in real-time, even half way around the globe.

The QB avatar is particularly well suited to this activity because it has a robust balancing platform and can operate at human height. So your interactions are natural and just as if you were standing there face-to-face.

QB has a variety of components that enable you to communicate. It has 2 cameras so you can see what is straight ahead, or directly below around the wheels. It has 3 microphones so you can hear what is being said to you. It has an LCD screen that can display your photo or live video. And it has a speaker so your voice can be heard by those you are speaking to.

keyboard-arrowsTo drive QB, you simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The up arrow moves QB forward. The down arrow backward. The left arrow turns left and the right arrow turns right.

It is that simple!

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During your 15 minutes of Test Drive Time”, you will discover other features. QB sits and stands using an automatic, retractable kick stand. You can point to objects near QB using a built-in laser pointer. QB’s height can be lowered to 2’10” or raised to 6’2”. And QB has a special sensor that helps you navigate the space that it is in. It will even beep when you press ‘B’ so folks know you are passing through.

What  You Need

To operate QB, you only need what you probably already have. Here is a quick listing:


  1. Computer running Windows or Mac OS (10.5 and above)
  2. An approved browser:
    • Windows: Firefox, Internet Explorer
    • Mac: Firefox, Safari
  3. Mouse, or other pointing device, and keyboard
  4. Good connection to the World Wide Web.
    • Bandwidth of 1MB+
    • Appropriate Network Firewall Settings

Ready to Drive?

We have not found a compelling way to describe the Virtual Presence experience in words. It is truly indescribable.

Simply register, install the browser plug in and drive.
So try it now and see what remotely controlled mobility means for communication!


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