How does it work?

QB has a speaker, microphone, camera, and video screen. What’s really cool about it is the two-wheeled driving platform that you control from anywhere. It connects to the Internet over Wi-Fi. You control it from your computer in a web browser, using a headset and your keyboard. If you have a webcam, you can show live video of yourself. If not, you can show a still picture.

Is driving it difficult?

It’s pretty easy. You use the 4 arrow keys to make it turn or go forward & back. Its built-in guidance system takes care of the rest by avoiding furniture & people and gliding straight through doorways. All the time you’re seeing real-time video from the QB’s head, so you know where you are. Most people get used to it in a few minutes.

How do I use a QB avatar to work from home?

Instead of driving to and from work every day, use virtual presence. Put a QB avatar and the charging dock where you normally sit. Join meetings, pop into people’s cubicles, greet visitors, or see what they’re building in the lab. You can stay logged in all day, or just part of the day. When you’re logged in, QB’s eyes glow blue so your colleagues know you’re there. They can just come up to you and ask questions, and you can answer back. If you’re needed in a meeting or in the lab, just drive the QB there.

How do I use a QB avatar to manage my large operation?

How do I use a QB avatar to manage my large operation?
Put a QB avatar in each building you need to be in. From your desk, you can jump into a QB with one click. You can interact with people, check inventory, and make sure everything is going smoothly. Your workers don’t feel “spied on” like if you mounted surveillance cameras everywhere. It obeys the social contract: you can see it if it can see you.

How do I use virtual presence to give customers tours of my factory?

How do I use virtual presence to give customers tours of my factory?
Schedule a time and send them an invitation, and they’ll have a presence in your factory. You can show off your facility or get feedback on custom work. Your insurance company will like it too.

How do I use virtual presence to stay connected while on a business trip?

How do I use virtual presence to stay connected while on a business trip?
Just bring your laptop and a headset. You can jump into your QB avatar and “be” in the office from anywhere with a decent internet connection.

Does each person need their own QB?

The QB avatars can be shared among as many people as you like. People who work from home will probably prefer to have their own private QB, which they might customize to represent themselves.

How do I use QB avatars to bring customers in?

You can invite customers, vendors & consultants to use your office QB. You invite them from your drive page and give them access. When they click on the link, they’ll install the plugin and jump into your QB. You might use it to give customers a tour of your production line (no hardhats required), or discuss an issue with a vendor’s equipment in your installation, or bring in a specialist to consult on a problem.

Can QBs be rented or leased?

What browsers and OS are supported?

On Mac OS 10.5 or higher we support Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

On Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, we support Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer

How much does a QB avatar weigh?

35 lbs.

How fast does it go?

It goes 3.5 mph to keep up with people walking.

Can I adjust the speed?

Yes, you can set the cruising speed to 0.5 – 3.5 MPH.

How do you control or drive QB?

Through a web browser. You don’t need any special equipment, but you’ll sound better with a headset.

What headsets does it work with?

Pretty much anything supported by your operating system. Our staff favorite is the Jabra GN2000 . It plugs directly into USB, it’s light and inconspicuous. Also, the cord doesn’t tangle up like many others.

Can they be easily shipped?

The QB avatar ships in a cardboard shipping container with a hard sided ATA case as an accessory. Currently, the ATA case is a required purchase. The ATA case is rugged and suitable for checked baggage on a flight. The QB itself fits nicely in a car seat for taking it to meetings.

How are Anybots powered?

Lithium ion smart batteries, like in most laptops.

How long does a charge last?

6-8 hours of typical use.

Do I need a Wi-Fi network?

Yes. You should have 802.11g access points for best results. You should use encryption — WPA2 is easiest. The obsolete WEP protocol is not supported.

How can I test my Wi-Fi network?

You can test it with a laptop computer. Connect to Wi-Fi and go to Internet Speed Test to test the bandwidth. Your network needs to provide at least 800kb/s upstream and 400 kb/s downstream bandwidth to QB. Try it in a few places around your facility to make sure it works everywhere.

If you encounter dead zones in your office, you should install additional access points.

How much bandwidth do I need to support driving, video, audio?

About 800 kbps upstream from the QB and 400 kbps downstream to the QB. More bandwidth gives better quality video.

How does the charging station work?

The docking station is included with the QB. The QB can dock and un-dock under remote control — nobody needs to be where the QB is. It charges fully in 2 hours. Extra docking stations are available.

Are the batteries rechargeable? Replaceable?

Yes. Extra or replacement batteries are available from Anybots.

How should I configure my firewall?

Both the QB and desktop client need to make bidirectional UDP connections from QB port range 8880-8900 to external port 3478. Many enterprise firewalls block these ports. Anybots offers an Enterprise configuration of the server that will enable you to keep all the traffic within the enterprise firewalls.

What happens if I lose connectivity?

The QB’s eyes go dark to indicate to that you are no longer logged in.

What happens if the batteries run down.

The QB shuts down safely by resting on its parking stand.

What is the warranty on Anybots?

1 year parts & labor, excluding batteries.

How do I upgrade the software on my avatar?

Software upgrades are automatically managed by the cloud network. There’s nothing you need to do.

Can QBs go up and down stairs?

No. Enterprise deployments should include at least one QB avatar per floor.

What sort of obstacles can it get over?

It handles piles of shoes and the other household / office clutter we’ve tested with pretty well. Anything ADA-compliant is no problem.

What is the resolution on QB’s cameras?

The main camera is 5 megapixels, the down camera is 0.5 megapixel. Some of the resolution is reserved for image stabilization, and, resolution may be reduced to accommodate low bandwidth connections. So the driver will not see 5 megapixels.

Keep in mind that in order to drive, the video has to be delivered in real-time. Hi resolution web cameras may have several seconds of latency, which would make virtual presence unworkable.

Do QBs use SegwayTM technology to move around?

No, they use Anybots’ patented, two-wheeled balancing system.

Is a case included with QB?

The rugged ATA case is available separately. At this time, it is required to purchase.

How much is shipping? Do you ship overseas?

Can I control QB Anybot from my iPhone, iPad or Android device?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

How does my picture display on QB? Is it live video? How big is the screen?

It shows a still picture or live video at your option. The QB’s screen is 3.7″ diagonal.

Does the on-board camera pan-tilt-zoom?

In a sense… it pans along with the QB using left and right arrows. It tilts down while holding the shift key so you can see what is around the wheels.
For full pan-tilt-zoom capability, we can attach and control a pan-tilt-zoom camera for you. The QB avatar will provide power and network connection. Contact [email protected] for more information.

How does QB avoid obstacles in its path?

It uses LIDAR, a local area mapping technology with a 3-meter range. It assists driving behind the scenes, so you don’t need to line up carefully to go through doors. You may not even notice it helping you steer.

What happens if you bump into a person or pet?

Not much. Because of its design, the QB can’t hit anything very hard and because of its 35 lb weight it doesn’t hurt if it rolls over your foot.

How does your QB avatar focus audio on the conversation you are having 1-on-1 in a noisy, crowded room?

It has 3 microphones and focuses on the loudest voice.

What parts can be replaced or serviced in the field?

Batteries only. You might occasionally need to adjust the focus on the main camera.

Can it be used outside?

The QB avatar is not designed for inclement weather and not warranted for use out-of-doors.

Is it bullet-proof? bomb-proof? flame-proof?

No. But QBs are replaceable — people aren’t. We think one of the most valuable services a QB can perform is to get blown up instead of its operator.

How about extreme temperatures?

Where do I find the serial number for my Anybot?

It’s written on the back of the head or body, along with a URL to log in.

How does the laser pointer work and is it dangerous to a eyesight?

It points where you click in the video window. The laser is class II eye safe.

Does it support ITU videoconference standards?

No, it supports standard web browsers. They are far more widely deployed than traditional videoconference systems.

What kind of sensors does QB have?

Two cameras, 3 microphones, Lidar, a 3-axis gyroscope and encoders on the wheels.

What happens if I lose control?

The QB stops and waits for you to log in again. If it’s in the way, people can easily push it elsewhere.

What happens if my battery runs out while I am driving? Is there a low-battery warning?

QB will stop safely. The battery status shows in the lower right corner of the driving screen.