Coca-Cola presents: The Social Robot


QB Avatar Telepresence Robot Lets You Go to Work Virtually


QB on the NBC Show Take It All


QB Featured on CNBC

QB Featured on CNBC


Robots Connecting Employees and Families

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Robotics helping the disabled gain freedom


Your own walking, talking robot

We’ve seen what avatars can do on the big screen but now you too can enter a virtual reality via the walking and talking QB robot.


Anybot QB Robot for Telecommuting


Robots let employees work remotely (ABC story at GigaOm NetWork 2011)


Vote Us For Engadget Robot of the Year – We’ll Entice You with Video about Scone Video

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Robot Builder Gets Craving – Uses Anybot to Get Scone

Thursday started out normally enough. Papers were delivered and cars were in traffic. The sun was still shining and everything was business as usual in the Anybots office. That is, however, until one of our engineers got a monster craving for a scone. Not just any scone, mind you, but a scone from Red Rock Coffee. Now typically, this particular engineer would have walked the mile or so out to the coffee shop to retrieve this delectable confection all for the sake of satisfying a craving. This time though, he decided to satiate two of his appetites at once: his desire to ingest a delicious scone and also his desire to drive robots through a city. Once he found a wireless hotspot laying around, he strapped it to the robot and was out the door in a heartbeat. The remarkable thing is that not only did the Anybot make it all the way to the coffee shop on its own (driven by the engineer from the office), but the Anybot was actually given service! That kind of open-mindedness Anybots certainly appreciates, and we would like to kindly thank the lovely people over at Red Rock Coffee for serving a robot without being fazed one bit.


Anybots QB at CeBit