Abouts Anybots®


Anybots is a virtual presence company!

Short of being face-to-face, Anybots, Inc. offers one of the most interactive forms of communication available today by providing the user a personal remote avatar that can be controlled through a simple browser-based interface, with intuitive controls allowing for a truly immersive experience.  With Anybots you can instantly be immersed in a distant environment experiencing the forefront of a new class of communication called mobile telepresence, allowing you to never miss an important event, meeting, or experience again.  

The Robots are equipped with a speaker, camera, and video screen.  They connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi and you activate them as well as control them remotely from your computer using just a web browser from anywhere in the world.  If you have a camera hooked up to the computer, you can show live video of yourself while interacting through the robot in a remote location.  Driving is easy, straightforward and most people get used to it in a few minutes.  You can use the 4 arrow keys to make it turn or go forward & back.  A built-in guidance system augments the driver’s commands, making it easy to safely avoid people or objects and move through narrow doorways.

The robust balancing system is the strongest platform solution available for a people-safe remote virtual presence robot. This system amplifies the strength of the Anybot: autonomy the driver experiences during use. At any time, the user can activate the robot remotely, and safely dock it at the end of use to charge so that they can effectively be present, and self-sufficient, in many locations without much assistance.

At the heart of the Anybot is a unique set of customizable hardware and software tools used to create the sturdiest self-balancing platform, which can also be outfitted with many different types of sensors and robotic architectures.

The Anybot can provide increased efficiency to businesses. For example, business owners who are seeking to eliminate the hassles of long distance travel can employ the Anybot to keep their representatives at their best while interacting with faraway clientele, or touring larger spaces.  This, however, does not mean the anybot is limited to enterprise and small business.  A doctor could visit their patient from a remote location, and medical professionals could use the robot to collaborate more effectively to increase their level of patient care.

Individuals who cannot make it to a distant location can use this robot to afford them an experience that is, geographically, out of reach, or those who are homebound could use this robot to attend social gatherings, be they in or out-of-doors.  The Anybot can be used in education to allow sick students to still participate with their classmates in and out of the classroom, as well as allowing educators the ability to check in or give lectures when they are away from the classroom.

Wherever you are, the Anybot serves to bring your world dramatically closer.